In 1995 Chaplain Elisha Harris drove away from the Pendleton Correctional Center with the assurance  his life would never be the same.  He left for the  first time in over 25 years with the knowledge that he would never be back except to minister to others the love of Jesus Christ.  The chains of bondage in his life had been broken through that love, so with the scripture in his heart and mind, " For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much requried".... Luke 12:48,  the vision for Jubilee House had been born!
Jubilee House Minsitry's doors have been open since 1997, with offical incorporation coming in 2004.  It began in a 3-bedroom home located at 1301 Wabash Ave under the direction of Chaplain Elisha Harris.  We are a faith-based ministry housing program not working with any particular denomination or religuous group, but rather we are a group of dedicated faith believing individuals coming from diverse backgrounds, cultures and churches whose main desire it to embrace those whose lives have broken  and enslaved by drugs, alcoholism, hopelessness and homelessness. 
We provide transitional housing  & assistane for individuals making the transition  from the penal system or addictions back into the community.  With the mentoring, assistance, direction and support to find purpose in their lives.  We are a small personalized environment (housing up to 6 men at one time) with the mission to provide them with a sense of hope and belief that they can achieve more than what life has been, but rather step into total freedom and purpose for their lives through and by the love and power of Jesus Christ!  Our facility was relocated in 2006 to 2705 Chestnut Street and continues to reach out to those whom seem unreachable.   
Will  you help us help those who have been forgotten and are lost, by touching one life at a time? 

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